Chief Executive of HKSAR met representatives from electric vehicle sector 2015-09-11

HONG KONG, Sept. 11 -- The Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr. Leung Chun-ying, today had a tea gathering with a number of selected representatives from the Hong Kong electric vehicle sector, at the Government House, to get a better grasp of the use of electric vehicles in Hong Kong and to exchange views on government policies to promote public use of electric vehicles in Hong Kong.

Accompanied by the head of the Central Policy Unit, Mr. Shiu Sin-por; the member of the Central Policy Unit, Mr. Lee Tak-keung; and the Senior Administrative Office of the Central Policy Unit, Mr. Stanley NG, Mr. Leung Chun-ying met guests from the private sectors like Mr. Andrew Yung, Chairman and CEO of Green Dynamic Electric Vehicle Ltd; Mr. Tony Cheung, Chairman of China Dynamics (Holdings) Ltd; and Mr. Oliver Fong, President of Detroit Electric Holdings Ltd (Asia Pacific) etc. as well as those from the non-governmental organizations such as Mr. Joseph Poon from HKPC; Prof. NG Ka-ming from HKUST and Prof. Eric Cheng from PolyU etc.

All participants engaged in lively discussions where they agreed that Hong Kong is “the world’s most suitable place for using electric vehicles”, especially in terms of electric public transport, because Hong Kong is blessed with various unique advantages such as mild weather, a small territory, a dense population and an efficient public transportation system etc. Given the advanced electric vehicle technologies and products from either local Hong Kong brands or foreign ones, the Government is convinced that it is worth to further promote the use of electric vehicles in Hong Kong.

To conclude the meeting, the Government’s policy objective is to make Hong Kong one of the cities where electric vehicles are most widely used. The Government will take the lead in using more electric vehicles and solicit participation from other public bodies and large enterprises. The Government will continue to procure more electric vehicles. The Chief Executive and principal officials will be among the first to use them on a trial basis. As regards public transport, it is the Government’s ultimate policy objective to have zero-emission buses running across the territory.